First things first: We’re food lovers, not professional chefs.

Our cooking doesn’t happen in Michelin-star kitchens with endless space and limitless gadgetry. It happens at home, after work, around our kids, using real-life counter space and in the face of real-life “my friends will be here any minute!” challenges.

But none of the kitchenware we’ve used checked all the right boxes. Shopping through hundreds of items at big-name retail stores is overwhelming and scanning online reviews feels impersonal. Plus, most of the good-looking stuff is super expensive, and most of the affordable stuff isn’t so good-looking.

So we decided to create a new category of kitchenware accessories, designed and curated for modern home cooks like us.


Our Mission

Cooking is one of mankind's best inventions, with little to less tools we made it happen with a happy accident. Cooking is an art, it's the only art we consume on a daily basis. So it becomes the duty of a cook to make delicious dishes. To make an art or painting, the artist needs some tools like paintbrush to craft his art. In a similar way, a cook needs his or her paintbrush or his special tools on which he can trust and make a mouth watering dish. We are a company that makes high-quality kitchenware to make your cooking experience easy and quicker.


Rigorously tested high quality products


Safest delivery within 1-2 weeks


Easy returns without a hassle


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